・゚・★main au info★・゚・

the setting is ambiguous, but it's overall a modern, slice of life story. time progresses roughly in real time so that the characters grow with me, with current plotlines focusing on 2014-2020.

in the world of virtual idols, anyone can steal the limelight and become a protagonist. everyone has their own story to tell, their own bittersweet webs of relationships, and a world of change at their fingertips. and though certain casts may live in the spotlight more than others, each character is still living their own complicated life offscreen.

oliver, len, piko, and lui are the main focus at first, with flower, ritsu, ruko, and hio on the side. focus then shifts to piko's newer friend group with rin, gumi, flower, and yuuma, with fukase and moke befriending oliver and lui. towards more recent arcs, mizki also becomes a staple. the cast is pretty sprawling, but these are the characters the timeline tracks the most (even though many other characters are mentioned).

because the au is character and relationship focused, there are several inconsistencies that are glossed over, and the residents of the world see no problem with it. for example, most characters are human, with rare exceptions for characters like dex and daina, who are a wolfboy and foxgirl respectively. this isn't seen elsewhere in the world, but it is accepted and not seen as strange that they're different. likewise, the logistics of the vocaloid/utau/etc programs are a strange blend between freelancing, utaite work, and the idol industry, but it's never really gone into. sometimes it is best not to think into these things too much!


timeline is a wip copied and pasted from a google doc i banged out in oct/dec 2021; nicer edits/wording are on the way! events from 2018 onwards also need refining, as a lot of arcs haven't been placed into specific time periods yet.

when i was about 12-13 i used a rather unfortunate nickname for oliver, len, piko, and lui's friend group (it was.... a different time....) so as of now they are unnamed. they are at times referred to as olilenpikolui or [main 4], but if i can come up with a better nickname ill insert that.

credits: strawberry icon, music note border, bunny divider, computer


  • len and piko are already friends (they became friends as soon as piko debuted bc len went “omg another small femme guy! we have 2 stick together! lets b friends :)” and things went from there)
  • len befriends oliver at his debut welcome party and encourages the three of them to hang out bc theyre a similar age range. piko kinda just rolls his eyes and supports len
  • as oliver adjusts to vocaloid, he finds out there’s another boy their age named lui. for some reason he hasn’t debuted yet, which is casting a bit of a dark cloud over him. oliver wants to become his friend, and bc theyre all the same age, he introduces lui to len and piko in the hopes that lui will cheer up if he isnt lonely. and boy does he cheer up

  • flower debuts about a half a year after all this
  • idr how flower started hanging out w [main 4] but im p sure its bc she and piko get along well at her debut party or at voca high school or w/e
  • somehow ritsu and ruko hang out around [main 4] + flower.. probably bc ritsu and ruko like flower and piko and think theyre all a funny bunch. they report back to the rest of the vipperloids like LMAO GUESS WHAT THOSE FUNNY KIDS WERE UP TO TODAY…….. WE EVEN LARPED……
  • iroha also kinda just. slides in bc she had such a big presence as a kid. i think she also larped a lot in freshman year of high school even now that og vocagame isnt a thing lol. shes so kidcore that len is downright jealous, even tho he’d never admit it

  • oliver is at his most shy and insecure
  • len is at his most self punishing and perfectionist. he wears makeup everyday and desperately tries to downplay how much effort he puts into himself and his “boy next door yet also idol” persona. he gets wordy and panics but only around oliver tbh
  • piko is at his meanest bc hes fucked up (translation: a 14 year old) and YET. he is also at his silliest. he joins in on lui’s crazy schemes like learning the shake it choreo or going on that weird skittle mission, even tho he acts like he hates it. he is having so much fun and yet he’s so prickly and doesn’t open up to anyone
  • lui is at his cheeriest and most childish, bc, well, duh. he is a child!!! after oliver helps him get out of his slump abt not releasing anytime soon, he kinda resolves to never stop smiling + not to ever show when he’s upset. he never really shows serious irritation or any kind of passive aggression. its a little weird and he feels more like a cliche than a person
  • MEANWHILE in yuumaville……. he is 16 and a noiz kinnie. he has those stupid spider bite spike lip piercings and he wears noiz like outfits every single day and piko thinks hes the coolest man in the entire world. he has no idea he’s infatuated, he deadass thinks he merely admires yuuma and wants to learn from him. they hang out a little, mostly bc of vocaguy (len + kaito + gaku + teru + vy2 + piko) hangouts where they make silly sarcastic comments to eachother, BUT they have hung out to record songs (in duets or for teru + vy2 + piko trio stuff, etc etc etc) and for incidents like the waffle rap
  • this was also the time period where kaito + gaku + vy2 + teru became a rlly solid friend group, and when len + piko would join them way more often. it was a special time in vocaloid
  • miki used to hang out around piko more often around this time. like a silly annoying cousin figure to piko (even though they aren't related), although she didn't see him that way at all since she had a huge crush on him at the time
  • miku, surprisingly, is at her kindest in this time. she’s still bossy and such but she cares a lot more about keeping up the “im super kind and sweet and im everyones friend!!” front around other vocaloids, too, not just in public
  • rin is at her most femme. she still rlly enjoys her cutesy idol persona, even though her boyish, hellraising, tomboy side is very much still present

  • rin and len still hang out a lot. they arent the inseparable twins they were at the beginning of their careers, but they’re close
  • flashbacks to when gumi and zola would hang out……… oh yeah this was when gumi’s unreciprocated crush era was the worst
  • fujoshi gang was a thing bc it was 2014. seeu is the worst about it BUT i have written evidence that rin, sonika, yanhe, and iroha(?) all joined in. yanhe as a fujoshi is still so funny to me……… abyways
  • seeu also used to be a big oliver fangirl in 2014-2015 and was a massive olilen shipper. she still ships her irls actually. she also used to be a len + piko + lui fangirl bc theyre cute (len was uncomfy w it but would awkwardly laugh it off bc that was where he was at in his career; piko hated her; lui ate that shit up. FINALLY ppl thinking he is cute and huggable!!!! no wonder they ended up becoming friends)
  • OMG sonika and hio were closest w oliver at this time too……. crying over engloid family
  • oliver and len start dating at the end of 2014, after about a year of knowing eachother


  • [main 4] is still in their golden era, but it’s waning towards the end of the year
  • flower and piko become closer friends and start to emotionally connect, which is a big deal for both of them considering how closed off they are
  • the masc potion takes effect for flower. awesome (translation: she begins experimenting more with gender presentation and makes the jump to cut her hair, present masc much more regularly, etc.)
  • im gonna be honest idk when half of og vocagame comes into play bc idr when i started making those hc’s. theyre so core to the voca experience to me that i just cant tell, so maybe flower joined [main 4] in 2014 but iroha + ritsu + ruko joined in this year? im not sure
  • either way, lui discovers moke is also waiting to debut and he reaches out to him. moke never winds up joining [main 4], but he’s oliver’s and lui’s friend. he’s shy and tends to stick around the other v singers, so they don’t see him all too much at first
  • around the same time, oliver x len teen romance is at its peak. this is the era of all those olilen fanfics i read, after all
  • flower and hio become friends and try dating. unfortunately this is the year flower’s numbness got really bad, so she worried she was using hio as a failed attempt to try to feel things again. they break up after a few months and theyre really awkward around eachother after that, so trying to stay friends doesnt work out so well
  • ia and yuuma also dated this year. ia coincidentally realized a few months in that shes a lesbian and made a big mistake, so they break up. yuuma is unreasonably torn up about this bc going so far as to date someone was a really big deal to him, and it makes him doubt how well he or other people can differentiate between platonic and romantic feelings
  • dex and daina debut at the end of november. they kinda just chill w ruby at this point
  • magical girl squad is also a thing this year! i believe it included miki, galaco, aoki lapis, merli, tone rion, and kaai yuki. naturally fell apart, esp when galaco and mayu met


  • when junior year starts, piko drifts away from [main 4] bc he’s busy w schoolwork, so ritsu and ruko dont hang out w [main 4] outside of key events/reunions, and their friend group as a whole is on shaky ground
  • HOWEVER. fukase debut. he hangs out around [main 4] a lot and kinda helps keep everyone together? oliver and piko get along with him well, lui is just fine with fukase being around, and len absolutely hates him
  • lui tries his best to connect w piko but it doesnt go so well and piko starts feeling more and more frustrated w lui’s cheery coping mechanisms. they’re very strained
  • this was when yuuma and gumi had senior prom. this may or may not have been the second time gumi tried acting on her crush on yuuma (first in 2014 bc her crushes on gakupo, yuuma, and zola all didnt work out that year; second at prom). bc they were going to prom together she thought they were on a date, and yuuma misunderstanding so soon after his thing w ia really hammered in his negative complexes over relationships
  • seeu, galaco, and mayu are all 16 so u know what that means! [yandere plot]
  • the bulk of their friendship and subsequent drama all occurs in 2016 since seeu gets roped in fairly early on + has to escape that fall or winter. its a really intense 8 to 12 months and while galaco tries to ease up from seeing mayu, even The Incident cant properly separate them
  • dex and hio bond early on in this year -> quickly become friends. they like to daydream abt their mancrushes on kaito and gakupo respectively. it takes them a while to realize hey wait what if WE dated……. u r so cool and awesome and pretty……. why was i so blind…..
  • technically rana’s alr out and una debuts this year…. i say this bc this impacts the meika twins


  • [main 4] as a main friend group has functionally disbanded by this point, but piko has no idea that it’s his fault bc of the way he’d treated lui junior year
  • fukase drops out of high school. its fine
  • pastel gothification for piko early on in the year? or closer to senior year starting?
  • early in the year, miku and luka start dating
  • rin and gumi also start dating
  • in spring semester (junior year): yuuma and piko slowly start to become friends and text/hang out individually more often. its a slow process since piko has so much going on and it admittedly gets a bit silly.. they get overly excited asking silly questions like “whats your favorite color?” and “can we go to the mall in a few weeks? i have a bunch of papers and tests this and next week but id like to go to get fried rice and chicken and go to hot topic with you”
  • midway thru the year, rin and gumi also become piko’s friends! it happens surprisingly quickly, mostly bc rin’s that sort of person and gumi follows along. rin also becomes piko’s #1 bully ♡ its karma for piko’s many years of bitchitude
  • according to the comic where piko visits yuuma for the first time, they become good friends later on that year during fall semester (senior year). rin and gumi may or may not have pushed him to take more action on that front
  • seeu's recovery is really slow and she largely keeps to herself and the internet. she mostly reconnects w iroha, but she casually sees mew, lui, gumi, etc more than she used to now that mayu's not up in her business. mew's guidance is really soothing even though seeu doesn't open up much about it
  • this is probably the year galaco has her silly little rivalry with stardust/xingchen
  • nemu debuts in feb 2017; i mention this bc it also impacts the meika twins


  • kaito tries adopting moke as his little brother. it does not go well /lh
  • fukase simultaneously rejects ritsu's efforts to help him. he is also at his memelord worst.
  • sin squad (piko + rin + gumi + flower + yuuma) is now real
  • yuuma starts frequently staying the night at piko's a few months after sin squad becomes a solid thing + a month or two before lui vs yuuma drama. they would sometimes stay the night before, but it wasn't common at all
  • lui’s corruption arc (he doesnt become evil, he just becomes extremely passive aggressive and edgy bc he cant keep bottling things up anymore). happens during the summer
  • similarly, lui vs yuuma fake rivalry
  • lui starts hanging out w fukase to cope w everything and fukase becomes a massive enabler. he also gets lui into bad tiktok memes and such. why
  • kaito and meiko’s marriage……… after all these years……….
  • genbu debuts in synth v around winter and like.. immediately disses gakupo’s and yuuma's interest in samurai and larping. yukari gets fired for hiding a chainsaw behind the counter at work. its a whole ordeal. i might get into genbu and bring him back
  • this is probably when gakupo begins to catch feelings for kiyoteru.. he's been flirting w him for years but it's just now setting in lol. kiyoteru is still flustered every time
  • uni debuts in 2018 merely bc i say so.. idk how inconsistent it is but it fits best w seeu's arc bc seeu is finally starting to process what happened to her. uni entering her life and becoming her roommate really forces seeu to confront her feelings and put what she's learned about healthier relationships into practice
  • processing her trauma also leads seeu to realize she's buried a lot of romantic/sexual feelings for women in her life. its too late to fix things with galaco, so she mourns the loss of that love as she unpacks her sexuality (esp w advice from iroha, gumi, and mew) and tries figuring out how uni fits into everything
  • fukase and lui start dating around oct thru dec.. it happens p quickly since lui is rebounding


  • pikoyuuma realize theyre basically dating early on in 2019 around spring + they make it official!
  • hime and mikoto debut at the end of march. idk how nemu + rana + una fit in when they all debuted years sooner… maybe the meika twins r 14 since kaai yuki would be 14 by this point
  • mizki and flower "adopt" the meikas (read: they become big sibling figures to the meikas). technically yuuma and xin hua do too, but theyre more distant lol
  • ritsu and mizki rivalry begins at the meika debut party in summer
  • while filming for cosmonauts, maika mentions to mizki that hio is looking for housing and SOMEHOW it all works out and hio moves in w mizki and yuuma. hio is like. her little errand boy. a guy she puts under a microscope and carries in her purse. he thinks shes neat so he doesnt mind. he has no clue actually
  • anyways now hio very very rarely has visitors, so he mostly goes out to see dex, sonika, etc lol
  • seeu and uni begin to date (about a solid half a year after seeu unpacks everything from 2018.. seeu isnt as spontaneous as lui's recoveries are, since she's more hesitant, but she isnt usu the type to think too much before she acts either). uni's still a rather distant person but they go together well for the time being
  • fukalui are off the chain ft humiliating levels of pda all year long and poor moke has to listen to lui talk about it or see it w his eyes the whole time. oliver, yanhe, longya, and his love for lui are the only things keeping moke going
  • worse yet, lui encourages moke to hang out w the two of them later in the year. its the sort of situation where moke hates fukase but puts up w third wheeling bc he cares abt lui so much. as funny as it is to me, that probably did some damage come to think of it
  • do u think fukalui r the type of couple to bicker/fight a lot.. wouldn't be surprised if they had drama fairly regularly only to brush over it with the physical aspect of their relationship
  • lui doesnt start properly moving on from piko until late this year or in 2020. hes still in that mode where he's either bottling things up and running away, or he's exploding w emotions he can't contain any more, even tho he’s not nearly as bad as before
  • galaco is still in contact w mayu. she keeps trying but she can't seem to let go for long


  • if quarantine is a thing, then yuuma chose to quarantine w piko + they and gumi all wind up living together. if quarantine isnt real in the vocaverse, then pikoyuuma living together might be a milestone for later
  • moke needs a break from lui and that + lui realizing he started dating fukase as a rebound leads to lui suddenly getting unbearably annoyed w fukase's faults → breaking up w him. funnily enough some of fukase's weird kinks were the breaking point. it just got to be too much and it felt like everything was going wrong and not authentic in the first place (tbf they were basically each others coping mechanisms rather than genuinely liking each other)
  • lui is p mad about the ordeal and makes a lot of snide jokes about "this is why we broke up". fukase keeps joking about stuff and pretending things are normal but it's clear he's p hurt and in the dumps about it. doesn't help that he's pieced together that lui had wanted to date piko the whole time
  • lui's over piko by this point but the consequences are still hitting him. at least he and yuuma get along alright now.. he can talk to him and piko just fine now, but they still don't interact much
  • idk how things go w moke.. i just know that lui begins to calm down and mellow out. he's been rlly close w flower this whole time but he really relies on her now that moke is taking some space to himself + unhappy w their relationship and how self centered lui's been
  • flower and lui going 2 therapy arc………
  • mikuluka problems begin to fester. theyve had arguments and problems across the years but luka’s beginning to wonder if miku’s getting worse or if she’s been like this all along and luka was too blind to realize it.
  • galaco gets fed up and wants to move on for good. she stops messing around with mayu and she starts getting more in touch w other internet co members and her old magical girl friends

・゚・★upcoming arcs★・゚・

  • when does yuuma meet piko’s mom at the hospital!!!!!! when does piko open up about that!!!! this is all so important
  • luka putting her and miku's relationship on hold -> miku falls to a new low -> fukamiku as frenemies arc (i realize this sounds insane w/ no context but ill get to it)
  • pikolui reconciliation arc
  • rin and len finally talking about their sibling rift