・゚・★welcome to el's vocal synth headcanons!!★・゚・

hi!! my name is el and one of my most long-term interests is vocaloid (+ other vocal synths!) :) this page is a complete wip, especially since im new to html and neocities, but im super excited to make profiles for my synth headcanons, add some information about my core au, and hopefully add aesthetic boards + galleries of my art for them as well!

・゚・★・to do★・゚・

  • update footer
  • add f2u pixel bullet points
  • start basic format for new pages

・゚・★main au info★・゚・

the setting is ambiguous, but it's overall a modern, slice of life story. time progresses roughly in real time so that the characters grow with me, with current plotlines focusing on 2014-2020.

in the world of virtual idols, anyone can steal the limelight and become a protagonist. everyone has their own story to tell, their own bittersweet webs of relationships, and a world of change at their fingertips. and though certain casts may live in the spotlight more than others, each character is still living their own complicated life offscreen.

information about main and side story arcs will hopefully be added soon!

because the au is character and relationship focused, there are several inconsistencies that are glossed over, and the residents of the world see no problem with it. for example, most characters are human, with rare exceptions for characters like dex and daina, who are a wolfboy and foxgirl respectively. this isn't seen elsewhere in the world, but it is accepted and not seen as strange that they're different. likewise, the logistics of the vocaloid/utau/etc programs are a strange blend between freelancing, utaite work, and the idol industry, but it's never really gone into. sometimes it is best not to think into these things too much!



im most active on tumblr! you can find my vocaloid + side blog here!

i will likely link fics with timeline commentary in the timeline page, or on a separate page specifically for fics. we will see! for now my ao3 is over here.

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