name: utatane piko

   age: 14 (2014, beginning of story) - 20 (2020, current age)

   height: 5’4” -> 5’7” ; around 6’0” in platforms

   pronouns: he/him

   orientation: mlm + mlnb


a vocaloid known for his impressive vocal range, with a sweet, cute image befitting the feminine pitch producers typically request from him. however, piko does his best to shatter that saccharine image as soon as you see him beyond his work; he’s all sharp edges and prickly barriers, full of blunt words and dry, sarcastic humor. to some, it comes off as abrasive, and to others, he’s amusingly all bark with no bite. behind this half-hearted facade is a heart of gold; despite his best efforts, he cannot hide how deeply fond he is of his loved ones, and the more he learns to openly trust and cherish others, the bolder and stronger he becomes.

perhaps his true self is about to break out of its shell…